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City of Minot, Downtown

Downtown districts are the “face” and “engine” of most communities, and community leaders across America are responding to the unmistakable fact that healthy, vibrant, 24/7 downtown districts present an attractive city to both existing residents, and to residents and businesses looking to relocate from other places. Investments in the Central City have a positive, wash-over effect on an entire community as the downtown improves. So do the inner-city neighborhoods and businesses, and peripheral residential areas and businesses. Led by the downtown district redevelopment and resurgence, everything gets better. New businesses open, new stable jobs are created, and enrollment increases at Minot State University. A momentum is established by the spark of each successive project or new business arrival.


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Regency Event Center

Modern. Sophisticated. Inspiring. Click the icon above to view the stunning modern-industrial wedding and event venue located on the second floor.